Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on the needs of adults as they age to help them face health issues due to disuse cardiovascular problems like osteoarthritis, conditions such as knee and hip replacements, as well as to prevent and treat them. When people reach retirement age some have difficulty adjusting in a new way of life.

Despite having more free time on their hands, some seem unable to occupy themselves with enjoyable and interesting activities as they fear the physical effects of aging. Thus isolating themselves and as a result, creating more problems where there were none.

Our specialists study every individual case and provide the patient with a personalized program so as to have the best results the soonest possible. It is our duty to assist our patient in understanding what is normal during the aging process.

Since adults often enough feel a decline in the cognitive process, it is important to know that it is not always a serious health issue like depression, anxiety or Alzheimer’s disease.

Geriatric Physical Therapy Solutions

Including services

However, geriatric Physical Therapy issues that require special treatment may include:

  • Geriatric rehabilitation deals with is cardiovascular disease, like heart disease.
  • Skeletal problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoidism therapy
  • Low back pain and neck pain


We use the latest methods and treatments and instruct our patients, individually, to identify the actual problem and how to minimize it.  We help them adjust to changes in their lives and continue living comfortably and independently as much as possible.  Our goal is to see our patients approach their new phase of life with determination and achieve a good quality of life to enjoy for years to come.

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