The Sports Physical Therapy specialty concentrates on injuries and conditions of people doing sports. These are not our everyday injuries. They are usually caused by the extreme pressure athletes put on their bodies, pushing their muscles and bones to the limits.

We specialise in Exercise Physiology and problems

Sport Injury

Types of Sports Injuries:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Runner’s knee
  • Sprained ankle
  • Strained muscles (shoulder, low back, calves, quadriceps)
  • Stress fracture of lower legs and feet.

In most case, the symptoms that demand special treatment and care are: pain, swelling, stiffness weakness and inability to use the injured muscle.

Most injuries are due to:

  • overtraining
  • poor physical condition
  • taking up a new athletic activity
  • omitting prior warm -up
  • wrong techniques

Our highly trained therapists assist our patients to recover from their injuries. Using the best facilities and equipment available in this field our patients recover and receive instructions and advice to prevent future problems. We can accommodate for all ages involved in all sports at any level of competition.

Why Trust Eversharp Physical Therapy Center?

Do you need Sports Physical Therapy Services? We can help!

Our sports Physical Therapists are knowledgeable and skilled to diagnose and assess a sports injury so as to treat it effectively. Whether it is a new injury or a chronic one that seems not to go away, we have the special treatment for it. Our aim is to get our patients back into shape and back to their game without any further problems.

Our patients are given advice on prevention, how to play safe and even improve their performance.

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