It is a fact that in our days more and more people of all ages suffer from back pain. This is due to our ‘modern’ lifestyle, sedentary work, extensive use of our cars and modern transport system, spending more time on a couch, slouching while watching TV or using our iPhone or tablet.

Our team of therapists will look into your problem, identify the cause and come up with the best treatment for your condition. Low back pain can be triggered by a number of factors:

  • overuse of some muscles, when bending, sitting or walking
  • lifting heavy objects
  • being overweight
  • luck of physical exercise
  • poor posture
  • repetitive movements at work or home
  • incorrect technique at sports.
  • a fall or accident
  • aging may bring about spinal stenosis, scoliosis, disc disease, arthitis

So, our therapists will explain what had caused the pain in the first place and how to treat it.

How our therapists can help


You will be instructed on good posture, how to sit at your desk or at home to prevent pressure on your spine. Your physical therapist will explain the proper ways of bending and lifting heavy objects and show you the correct movements and a series of back exercises that will cure the pain. He will also explain what you need to avoid doing so as to prevent reoccurrence.
Our physical therapists are highly experienced and qualified.

They will help you with the most effective treatment for your back pain. Exercising has more benefits than just alleviating your back pain. You gain more strength, flexibility and improves your mood, allowing you to lead a more pleasant life.

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