31 Jul

What are the 8 most common types of sport injuries?

After spending a week sitting at a desk and commuting to work, it is only wise to think that going outdoors for a game of tennis or golf will do you good.  However, although you are not involved in extreme sports such as skydiving, paragliding, skiing, or mountaineering it doesn’t mean you are not at […]

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24 Jul

5 tips to prevent injuries while exercising

In our effort to improve our fitness during our busy city-life conditions, sometimes, we tend to do more harm than good to our bodies. Just like we need to consult our doctor before staring any promising diet, we must do so when it comes to physical fitness. What works for one individual does not for […]

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20 Jul

How to maintain proper posture in any position, sitting, standing, or lying down

At an early age, we all had someone telling us, “Keep your back straight! Don’t slouch!”   But as the years passed that was forgotten. Then time comes to listen to our doctor, physical therapists about the right posture.  So, why is it important to maintain good posture?  We don’t realize its effects until we feel […]

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11 Jul

Find out the 7 reasons that cause low back pain

Low back pain is unbearable. But it can be cured and prevented once you find the cause and do something about it. You stretch, you massage yourself, you move in your chair, but this “pain” does not let go even when relaxing. Low back pain can be very distressing, causing irritation and discomfort. But what […]

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06 Jul

5 Tips to stay physically fit and enjoy modern life style

Is modern life a blessing or a curse? The advance of technology has made our life easier, yet more complicated.  Patients visit us at Eversharp every day complaining of sore joints and back pain. What most have in common? They usually work harder and longer hours to afford all modern gadgets and facilities.  Cell phones […]

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